Find Your Perfect Fit.

Find Your Perfect Fit.


Pinecone Row considers fluctuating body types from inception. From the time the pen hits the paper for the initial sketch, to the point where we are preparing the product for production, we are taking into consideration that bodies change quite regularly and come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

As a consumer, I have often felt that clothing is judging me – I can’t shop on the racks with the other girls, different styles are offered for different body types, no grace, no love, it either fits or doesn’t, and it’s usually not quite right.  

As a fit technician in the fashion industry for over 10 years, and as a woman whose weight has fluctuated my entire life, I have made it my mission to fully understand fit and garment construction by studying apparel manufacturing and maintaining a career in the fashion business.

Through my research, I have found that in the product development process, most brands are only considering one base size and do not offer much past around a size 12.  At Pinecone Row, all styles are offered in our house sizes XS - 5X. I have taken this a step further and develop each style on two base sizes that serve as an average for each side of the size chart to compensate for the variance in body shape on either side of the chart. 

Sizes XS - 1X styles are graded, cut and sewn using the M base size, while Sizes 2X - 5X are graded, cut and sewn using the 3X base size (see guide below).  Essentially, two completely separate dresses are developed per design to keep the integrity of the style on both body shapes. 

An ongoing amount of time, thought and effort is invested into this product to ensure consistent fit across our offered size range.  We are open and eager to build a relationship with our customers to build a product that fits, is reliable, fly, and is really uniquely for all of us.

Pinecone Row is a thoughtful brand, no more, no less.



- Charniece White

Pinecone Row Founder and Designer


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