Find Your Perfect Fit.


Pinecone Row considers fluctuating body types from inception.

From the time the pen hits the paper of the initial sketch, to the point where we are preparing the product for production, we are taking into consideration that bodies change quite regularly and come in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

At Pinecone Row, all styles are either offered as Alpha Sizing or Numeric Sizing, depending on its intended fit.

Alpha sizing allows for a more ease and variance between each of the sizes.  Alpha identifying styles are less tailored and fit further away from the body as compared to our more tailored sizing, Numeric.

The way that Alpha assigned garments are constructed, you will notice little to no hard closures (zippers, waist buttons, etc). Instead, these garments softer closures such as elastic smocking, elastic encased waistbands, or no closure at all (think, wrap skirt).

Alpha sizing is identified as XS - 5X.



Numeric sizing offers a more tailored fit with less ease and room for variance between each size.  Hence, why more styles are offered for numerical sizing, to better control the tailored fit proportions and intentions at smaller increments. 

It is important to note, that for these styles, it is super important to be familiar with your body measurements: Bust, Waist, & Hip.

The way Numeric assigned garments are constructed, you will notice harder, more explicit closures such as front fly zipper closures, buttons, snaps, etc, and, less elasticity.

Numeric Sizing is identified as 0 - 30

An ongoing amount of time, thought and effort is invested into this product to ensure consistent fit across our offered size range.  We are open and eager to build a relationship with our customers to build a product that fits, is reliable, fly, and is really uniquely thoughtful.

Pinecone Row is a thoughtful brand, no more, no less.


- Charniece White

Pinecone Row Founder and Designer