A Thoughtful Brand.


We use clothing to promote unity through empowering and supporting diverse body types by providing sustainable and technically sound styles that maintain a consistent fit across our wide range of sizes offered.


We use clothing to break stereotypes - clothing that gives you space, if you will.




Pinecone Row uses technical sizing to engineer our perfect fit. From inception, a wide range of bodies are considered and each silhouette designed is created to compliment the variety of shapes a body can offer.

As we grow, our goal is to continue to refine our fit based on your feedback and extend our thoughtful design approach across a wider range of categories. Developing and maintaining our relationships with our consumer base is our top priority to create a consistent product that we feel is uniquely made for you.

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Pinecone Row uses domestic goods, contractors, and laborers for product development and production. We also source as ethically and sustainably as possible throughout our process. We are proud to say our signature t-shirts are not only cut and sewn in the USA, but made with 100% cotton jersey knit U.S. mills. Our fabric is sourced from our home base of Los Angeles, with a priority of using as much U.S. milled or overstock fabric as possible.

Our goal is to move toward complete vertical integration for our production. We plan to own a US based factory where all facilities can exist under one roof from creation to production through fulfillment & distribution. This would allow us to conserve even more in our production process and offer more affordable prices while maintaining product quality and integrity. We also plan to offer full package production for other brands, in hopes of encouraging other brands to offer US based sustainable and ethical production.


Social Empowerment

Have you ever felt like clothing is judging you? At Pinecone Row, we believe clothing should empower and serve your unique body. We appreciate and consider the diversity of bodies and hope to be a brand that gives people space to be who they are, wherever they are on their journey in life.